“For over 5 years I have considered Tim Trumble to be my primary medical care professional. His vast array of treatments have helped me with a variety of conditions including chronic back/hip pain, migraine headaches, indigestion and heartburn, and numerous ski injuries including bone spurs on my feet and a broken femur. He is one the most well-read and caring medical professionals I’ve worked with and is not afraid to open his library of books to help understand and educate his clients.” Josh Nass


In the years that I have been receiving treatments from Tim Trumble I have continued to be impressed with his dedication to my recovery. The combination of Acupuncture, Sotai, and Chinese Herbal Medicine have been key in keeping me mobile and healthy.
If you are suffering digestive issues, immune system weakness, preparing for surgery or recovering from surgery, you will benefit from Tim’s depth of training and experience. I have received many therapies since injuring my knee in the 80s. My list of traumatic events includes; a microdiscectomy, a 60 MPH motorcycle accident, and countless occupational / recreational traumas. I look forward to having Tim continue as my most effective caregiver. Todd P